My name is Marius, I started tattooing in 2018 and joined the team at Frostbite Tattoo mid 2019. 

My art career began at 14 when I began doing freelance design work for anyone that wanted commission work such as portraits, advertising posters etc. I continued commission work throughout my teen years while at high school learning to sculpt, paint and use most mediums to create art. I then I studied animation and digital design. After a few years working completely digitally I felt more and more drawn to working in traditional mediums. Perhaps In the hope to break away from our technological overlords and return to the clay on a cave wall of our artistic ancestors, paint on canvas, Ink and skin.

I enjoy doing a wide range of art styles from the simplistic to surrealism and everything else in between.  You can find me on Instagram under  Mariusurban.b 


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